Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chess Middle Game Winning Position 1

Chess Middle Game Winning Position
By the time the student has digested all that has been previously posted, he, no doubt, is anxious to get to the actual game and play with all the pieces. However, before considering the openings, we shall devote a little time to some combinations that often arise during the game, and which will give the reader some idea of the beauty of the game, once he becomes better acquainted with it.

Here is a situation that can arise during the middle of a game.

It is Black's move, and thinking that White merely threatens to play Q - R 6 and to mate at K Kt 7, Black plays 1 ... R - K 1, threatening mate by way of R - K 8. White now uncovers his real and most effective threat, viz.:

1 ... R - K 1; 2 Q × P ch, K × Q; 3 R - R 3 ch, K - Kt 1; 4 R - R 8 mate.